Certified/Registered Medical Assistant CMA/RMA - Convenient Care

Job Description

The Certified Medical Assistant / Registered Medical Assistant performs routine administrative and patient care support duties in a medical practice to assist medical and/or nursing staff in the examination and treatment of patients and ensures that the office runs smoothly.
  • Rooming patients: Collecting pertinent information regarding the patient's chief complaint, family history, social history, surgical history, and medication reconciliation upon arrival for a patient visit.
  • Telephone Interactions: As directed, completing necessary telephone communications with patients, families, pharmacies, and/or other health care facilities. Gathering information and maintaining patient information via telephone per department specific processes and policies.
  • Administrative tasks including, but not limited to, patient check in or check out, prior authorizations, scheduling appointments, verification of benefits, and coordination of referrals and testing.
  • Office procedures as directed and per department specific competencies. May perform procedures such as urine catheterizations, bladder scanning, ear wash, suture or staple removal, application or removal of splints at the direction of a provider, reading results of negative TB skin tests or steering patient to the care of a department nurse when TB screening appears to have indications of a positive read, and other diagnostic testing at the point of care.
  • Provide patient with written instructions regarding procedures, medications, or follow up instructions at the direction of the provider. CMA staff may retrieve and provide condition specific education from the internet, internal website, or printed materials per the provider directions and orders.
  • Administer medications per the provider order.
  • Provide assistance with prescription medication refills per department protocols. Call medications into pharmacies, notify patients of refills, and documents actions within the EMR per provider orders.
  • Maintain department specific competencies related to point of care testing, equipment handling, and specialty training.
  • Collecting pertinent patient information such as vital signs and health history.
  • Assisting physician or nursing staff with treatment of patients, including procedure assist.
  • Administer Medications via intramuscular, subcutaneous, oral, or inhalation route to all ages.
  • Perform venipuncture to assist with lab orders.
  • Collect and process specimens correctly.
  • Perform procedures, not limited to: EKG, Ear Wash, Vision Screening, Dressing changes, Wound Care, Suture/staple removal, Point of care testing, and Splint application.
  • Perform waiting room and exam room rounding.
  • Member of Code Team
  • Apply and Charge for Durable Medical Equipment as appropriate.
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